My patrons are from all over, this is a map I try and keep current when I get sales or comments.

My goal is to have an original (very important to me) piece of art in as many homes and countries as possible. Not purely for the sales, of course that's nice—but it's my legacy too. When I'm gone, my work lives on. 

A little bit selfish I know, but I hope that when an individual looks at my artwork, they see an original, one-of-a-kind piece. Perhaps they see something different…something that stirs them. They may wonder why I used a certain color, stroke or technique, and that makes them look more closely. That’s very important to me. No two people see the same thing in a particular painting or sketch.  I hope, years from now, when a person looks at my work, it stirs their interest...makes them think! They might ask the questions—“why did he choose those particular colors? I wonder how and why he came up with that idea.”

I understand if my work doesn’t appeal to you, but please support artists in general. It's a window into a person's skill and imagination. Hopefully, original art should make you think of why they did a certain thing. Look deeply enough and most artwork emotes feelings (sometimes not always pleasant) from the artist and viewer.

Strata White Push.jpg
Title: Beach -White Push 55"x32"- Strata Series
Patron: Sosanna K   |   Location: California
This painting has come at a time when all in my immediate birth family are gone. It makes me think of the Trivandrum beach, but also of the beaches here, about the mystery of our living, our spaces and the eternity of our affections.  It evokes so many memories of the beach I used to go to in my home state of Kerala . I guess beaches are all the same everywhere, unless they are done up, touristy style. I have heard poets say that it is always the ocean that stirs up imagination in them. I do not know how to thank you enough for that mystical painting. . I will treasure it , guard it and enjoy every minute of seeing it. 

Stuart’s painting blends the past and the present  for me, as well as what is possible for my remaining time. 
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Fellow Artist Review
Patron: Don Buddy   |   Location: Colorado

I am a working professional sculptor and have been an art educator for over 58 years. I have visited Museums and Galleries in New York, Paris, London and Rome and many in between. I have seen such work that was extraordinary and some that was not. When I saw the work of Stuart Wallace, I was blown away. His work is thoughtful, meaningful and shows a wonderful appreciation of the Rules and Principles of Art coupled with an incredible sense of Creativity. His use of color and form is exciting and refreshing. I would put his work next to any contemporary/abstract artist, living or dead. No, I am not a relative. I just appreciate creative quality art and that is what I see when I look at the work of Stuart Wallace.

If you are a collector, I would suggest that you follow this young man very closely.

Don Budy

#artist #sculpture #fineart
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