And Now For Something Completely Different...ArundelRoad

I have been busy of late building an Etsy store for my Mum. The pandemic has had her on a making mission. The things she makes are one offs, unique and clever. So we decided to sell her creative and imaginative work online.

She is a professional seamstress and can make just about anything you can imagine, when left alone, she makes things like what I'm showing here but you should check out her store ArundelRoad where you can see the cute, funny, sweet and cheeky fabric formed into professionally handmade unique gifts.

From handmade quilts that took years to complete to knitted hats made of odd materials and hard to find yarn, it's all one-of-a-kind even if she makes 2 of the same thing.

Great unique wearable gifts for those you love.

Custom projects welcome.


I also make objects of art that fit better on ArundelRoad than here on my painting site. I have collected old wood, some of it well over 100 years old from the mines in the Colorado mountains, and turn that old wood into some simple that can sit on a shelf.

I have posted a few things and will be posting more as I make them.

Below are a few of the items I make and sell over there.

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