Annual Member/Resident Artist Exhibition @ Tri Lakes Arts

Updated: Nov 1, 2019

Tri Lakes Arts Annual Member/Resident Artist Exhibition is a juried show. It opens on November 8th with the reception on November 8th. The art will be on displayed through January 4th, 2020.

Tri Lakes Arts @ 304 HWY 105 | Palmer Lake CO 80133


The 3 pieces I submitted were excepted. The 3 submitted are Mindscape 9,10,11 will be judged.


This series or collection is created to music. Usually, I stand above the paper or canvas and sort of conduct the first layer of paint. Using white to create a movement that feels like the music. When that dries, I do another, then again, then again...until it's a mess or swirling music movements. The mess becomes clarity.

I listen to the song again and start forming areas that should stand out and ghost those that don't. Mindscape 9 and 10 are to Radiohead songs and Mindscape 11 is to Bauhaus.

Each piece is heavily layered, textured ridges from the paint and covered with a heavy lacquer. I do this because I like the leathery sheen, it protects the art and it looks like oil paints.







#lyrical #radiohead #caveart #earth #layers #fineart #acrylicpaint #organic #pareidolia #abstract #contemporaryart #watercolor #painting #cannabis #cannabisash #colorado #denver #polyurethane #abstractlandscape #Varathane #bauhaus

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