ArtPop Show @ Real Estate Property

We decided to do an experiment, you can read the previous post here, and share the outcome. We posted 2 different times to my social networks that it seemed appropriate and measured the response.

Considering my networks are pretty small, I'm very happy that sharing my art live in a home that needs eyes on it can drive a good number of views.

4880 S Fox St - Open House

Blog: 83 views

LinkedIn: 364 views

Twitter: 168 views

Instagram: 162 views

Total views: 777

It was well worth doing this experiment. in the end, it's a win-win for both of us and it can't hurt to get 777 views of your property or building that you wouldn't get otherwise. I get to have people I would reach otherwise see my work in person.

If you want to give it go, contact me.


Here is Chuck's contact info, for a private showing of the home:

Chuck Strauss

Denver Home Guru, Inc.

Ph: 720-318-7598

Service Beyond Your Expectations!

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