Ballachulish Figure- Scotland

Is the #Ballachulish figure a #Fertilityfigure or #IronAge goddess of the straits? This carved sculpture of a female dates from around 600 BC, but its origins remain unknown.


c.600 BC


November 1880, in Ballachulish, Nether Lochaber, Inverness-shire, Scotland

Made from

Alder, with quartzite pebbles for eyes


Height 1390mm, length 145mm, width 190mm

Museum reference

X.KL 54

On display

Early People, Level -1, National Museum of Scotland

Did you know?

If you find an archaeological object, according to Scots law you must report it to the Treasure Trove Unit. Finders may be eligible for a reward. If you find waterlogged wood or similar material, keep it wet!

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