Designing an Interstellar Message for Extraterrestrials

This is a post about aliens but more about how to simplify humans and life on earth to any form that might be out there. How and what do you send into the vast space. Having no idea if anything is out there at all or how diverse it might be. What do you say and how?

Douglas Vakoch, President of METI, explains. He seems like an interesting character.

It's only 5:43 but that bit that really got me to post, is from 2:00 on. How they break down complex models into a visual language and simplicity of is beautiful.

METI International

A direct communication proposal to test the Zoo Hypothesis One possible explanation for Fermi's Paradox is the Zoo Hypothesis which states that one or more extraterrestrial civilizations know of our existence and can reach us, but have chosen not to disturb us or even make their existence known to us.

METI's First Message is a Music Lesson for Aliens The meat of the transmission was carefully crafted by METI International—the alien hunters so serious about Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence that they splintered off from the SETI Institute to get more ambitious. It's the first information-rich message they've sent since forming in 2015. And with this bit of code, constructed in partnership with the Spanish Sónar music festival and the Institute of Space Studies of Cataloniar, they want to teach aliens about music—one radio wave pulse at a time.

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