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Updated: Nov 23, 2017

#GuinotteWise is an amazing guy that can express his creativity in any direction he points his attention or whenever his hands travel to pen/paper or metal. I had the pleasure of working for and around Guinotte for about 7 years.

His approach to things/items was interesting to me, whatever it was, it had more to tell. Today he is constantly writing and making plenty of #sculpture for us to enjoy.

Please go have a look, and look hard, it's thoughtful and intricate.

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I work mainly in steel and weldable materials and most everything happens in the process; by that I mean I usually don't have a rigid direction. I get so interested in what happens when the material meets other material, new vs. old, or some other disparity, that I allow them to make something surprising. I don't mean to be enigmatic when I say the steel tells me what to do. It really does in most cases. I also like things that seem to have tension. Represented by The Hilliard Gallery, 1820 McGee, Kansas City, and Strecker-Nelson in Manhattan, KS.

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