Guinotte Wise - Gman - Artist

#GuinotteWise is a friend and extremely talented artist in all directions. Bit of a renaissance man if you ask me.

He had to put up with me and a new team I was building at VML in late 1999. Cramped in an ever growing office, Guinotte had to tolerate not only me but my team and all the kids we brought to work.

Guinotte is an amazing creative mind that should be followed. I'm lucky to have been around and learnt from him and his experiences. Like others I respect, I have observed his natural desire to create and an individual's passion to move ideas beyond the expected, which is often a struggle in the ad/creative world. Guinotte was a mentor in the ad world for me and is a mentor in multi-disciplined creative world after.

Check out his new work here and share with others.

G, miss you mate. Love the cover.

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