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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I first met Guinotte in the mid to late 90's. We got introduced in the advertising world. Right from the start you could tell a lot was going on inside this guys head.

A bit older and way wiser than me, I took note. Best thing about working with Guinotte was his endless creativity and getting him to laugh.

He has done it all. Today I'm going to show off some of his sculptures because I think they are chaotic, organized, intriguing and thoughtfully constructed stories.

A few pictures G sent me of his latest series that are coming from a past in Louisiana. he

A few pictures G sent me of his latest series that are coming from a past in Louisiana.

In his own words:

A new series has been pulling at me, childhood inspired by time spent in Tensas Parish Louisiana during WWII. St. Joseph Louisiana was the parish seat, and the parish was and is the least populated in the state of Louisiana. It butted up against the Mississippi River and was delta country. Back then I saw some outsider art as they term it today and was mightily impressed. It spooked me and drew me. Some was near the bayou and just stood out there. 

I had just been moved down there from NYC, so was an oddity with my accent and name—I spent a lot of time roaming, exploring. My stepfather was working on the manhattan project; he and my mother dumped my lame ass for the duration of WWII at his father and mothers—his old man was an episcopal minister london born. It goes on. 

Little more from his web site:

I work mainly in steel and weldable materials and most everything happens in the process; by that I mean I usually don't have a rigid direction. I get so interested in what happens when the material meets other material, new vs. old, or some other disparity, that I allow them to make something surprising. I don't mean to be enigmatic when I say the steel tells me what to do. It really does in most cases. I also like things that seem to have tension. Represented by The Hilliard Gallery, 1820 McGee, Kansas City, and Lois Lambert Gallery in Santa Monica, CA

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