Horned Honey Badger Skull

My back is bad, so I'm watching a lot of videos and drawing at the same time.

In my YouTube feed I see the icon of the Stoffel, the honey badger that can escape from anywhere! - BBC on my screen and have to watch it again.

This got me wondering how strong they are, wikipedia, image search, skull...thought the skull was unusual and wanted to draw it.

It started out well enough. It looked like pretty good then I started playing and now you have horns and water color.

I will be doing a lot more drawings and selling them over on ArundelRoad.

ArundelRoad is a site I set up for my Mum a few weeks ago to sell her many creations from paintings to quilts. She is an amazing seamstress and wanted to sell and share.

Arundel Road is one of streets we lived on in England in the mid 1970's.

Trying to keep this site just for my paintings. All the other things I make and random creative projects I'm selling are going to the road.

The writing is random stream of thought and probably a few lyrics and/or word that are streaming at the time.

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