No. 24

Updated: Dec 18, 2017

I have been working on this one for awhile.  It got so heavy and out of control both mechanically and organically -- that it became a 5' x 4' mess! This is a process for me, always has been but I started from a different perspective point. I tend to add chaos (or find it) as a starting point and find clarity along the way.

Below is the finished or stopped painting, following it is how I got here.

The last few No. Series paintings are clean white canvas to begin with. I started them with black cannabis ink with a few drops of india ink and flat black house paint. I cover with the infinity symbol, constant, rhythmic motions of infinity in all directions and sizes.

The end is a structured mess.

The structured mess is then worked over with blocking shapes and forms that jump out to me. Rework and rework the shapes, the lines...trying to bring things I can see to the forefront and backwards...

This one stapled to the wall (stages above) started to get to me. Way too much was

going on. It felt wrong. I added some color, a bright orange, really just so I had to deal with it. That pissed me off. Didn't look right.

I took a can of white house paint and putty knife and just killed the top part and went to bed.

The next morning I worked No.24 over again. I went another 5-6 hrs and felt good about the balance. For me, I had to just cover some of the chaos and focus again on the bits that jump.

Shapes and forms from the very first brush stroke get to stay and worked over the lines and colors until it felt like a good point to stop. I like the frustration of it sometimes, it means i'm finding a way to be done and sometimes it is just a matter of making some of the mess go away but still in sight.

It's just a matter when to stop.

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