Painting that Nazis stole from Jewish family recovered from N.Y. museum

CANAJOHARIE, N.Y. — A painting seized by the Nazis from a Jewish family in 1933 has been recovered from a museum in upstate New York by the FBI.

The work, "Winter" by American artist Gari Melchers, was part of the collection at the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie until Sept. 10, according to federal court documents. The recovery is part of an international effort to find artwork that was stolen after the Nazis' ascension to power.

German publisher and philanthropist Rudolf Mosse first acquired the painting from the Great Berlin Art Exhibition in 1900. The Nazi government seized control of the family's art collection after Mosse's family members fled Germany in 1933. The Nazis had persecuted the family because they were Jewish and because of their affiliations with Berliner Tageblatt, a newspaper critical of the party, according to court documents.

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