Pareidolia Pages - Skull and Teeth

This page from an old National Geographic Magazines. I think this is a page of the oldest skeleton found in the USA, at the time of publication 1979. Originally the page was from a long story but the page I liked was photographs of jaw bones, teeth and text. 3 images of the ancient jaw with teeth and a blue picture of an x-ray of the teeth.

Once I washed the ink off a little, I followed the story line and let my hands and mind go a bit. Lots of hidden stuff in this one. Skulls all over but originally on the page.

#1979 8"x10" #natgeo pages #pareidoliaseries #pareidolia #abstract #surreal #jaw #teeth #skull #painting #sharpie #cannabisash

These little ones like this are about $25-50 unframed as is.

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