Picasso Muse Sylvette - Lydia Corbett

Lydia Sylvette David began her artistic life not as a painter, but as a model for Pablo Picasso. When she was seventeen years old, she was living in the south of France with her English-born mother who was an artist, her brother, and her boyfriend, Toby Jellinek, a maker of avant-garde metal chairs. Picasso had set up a studio nearby and noticed Jellinek’s unusual pieces. He asked him to deliver a couple of the chairs to his studio, and with him went Sylvette David. Shortly after, Picasso presented a picture of her, drawn from memory, and convinced David to model for him....more here >>

She also became an artist in her own right. wiki page here >>

Corbett started drawing to pass the time while she sat for Picasso, often posed in a rocking chair. She later married and, in 1968, moved to England, signing her work with her married name to avoid capitalising on her fame as a painter's muse.

She began painting seriously, using both oil paint and watercolour, in her 40s, and has been represented by Francis Kyle Gallery since 1989. In 1991, her work was exhibited in Japan, and in 1993, a documentary film on Picasso and Corbett was shown on BBC2 to coincide with the Tate Gallery's exhibition of Picasso's paintings.Corbett's own work has also been exhibited at the Tate, and she counts the Anthony Petullo Foundation among her clients.

In 2014, Corbett marked her 80th birthday with an exhibition at the Francis Kyle Gallery in London.

Corbett's studio is based in Devon.

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