PopUp at Heritage Eagle Bend

Had a great time showing some work for a few hours, meeting artists, hundreds of people (or it felt like it) and selling some work and maybe a few commissions.

Goes to show you, you never know who will be interested where. Show everywhere you can.

I met R.L. Wogrin, www.wogrinart.com, 91 year old painter, that I'm going to go have wine and talk art and he will blow me away with his Denver art life. Excited to go see. Little more on R.L. below.

Throughout his career, R.L. Wogrin has been a creative force. He designed influential ads as a founding partner in one of Denver's most acclaimed advertising agencies. As an Architectural Artist he illustrated the face of many iconic mid-century modern architectural gems. He also sharpened the skills of his students while teaching at the Colorado Art Institute. Wogrin made an impact in all his endeavors, so it was no surprise that he made a similar splash when he pursued the fine arts, capturing landscapes of the scenic American West....more

One of the first times I have been out in a while, back issues, and the first time I had sat or spent time talking about my art with many people of all sorts in a setting like that. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 5hrs for the entire day, lots of fun, new people and great stories to be had.

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