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Updated: Nov 30, 2017

I'm not a writer, I don't usually write a lot but sometimes I have a lot to say, so you can suffer thru it please.

I have been waiting for today for a month. I got an invite at an art showing late last month (after I invited myself a little) to a fellow artist studio/home of, Robert L. Wogrin.

Highest of the High - Front Range Series prints

Robert stopped by my space at an event where I was showing and selling.

We talked about my art, his art and hit it off. He is a 91 year old artist that has painted most the 14rs in Colorado. He has been to all angles of all of them. I had to know more. As a lifelong #Coloradoan #artist I wanted to hear more.

I will not go into details but Robert remembers the dirt roads of Denver and how it has changed. With most of his time in the mountains, making a living and painting his surroundings, he has seen Colorado grow up and down.

Today I spent a few hours talking and seeing Robert’s art, studio and his wonderful wife and daughter.

It was a blast. He and his family have had interesting lives and had/have some amazing stories to tell and the art to see in person. I was blown away, and I don’t say that often, by his use of light. Not just light but Colorado light through clouds.

His #14er paintings are stunning. The way the light breaks through clouds and creates dark and light divides in a soft manner that is damn hard to do. As you can see, above and below, landscapes are just part of his abilities.

His studio is full of everything I love. Paints, paintings all over, brushes, materials, research, the familiar comforting smells of paint and studio are everywhere. I was just grinning like fool.

What I really wanted to see and learn from, his sketch books. The studies.

Again, beautiful linework and has marks that alone are beautiful but showed clearly how he used light to create form.

I left wanting to talk more but I was starting to hurt and I’m sure I was rambling on about whatever. We all agreed to meet again. Great day.

More post & pics later.

Have look at his site but the originals are worth seeing in person >>

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