Starbucks Commission - '71 Rings

'71 Rings

5.5ft x 3.5ft

Medium: Starbucks Coffee, latex and watercolor

This painting is based on my memory of having coffee at the original site of Starbuck in Pikes Market, Seattle. Established in 1971, it was my favorite place to visit since I lived and worked in Seattle for 6-7 years. I remember the friendly staff and of course the coffee.

The thing I remember most about that coffee house is the tabletop. It had various sizes of rings left from cups. I reminisced about those people who’d sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee before starting their day. Where were they now? Where are they working? Using that premise, I decided to put 71 coffee rings in my painting to symbolizing the beginning of a global brand market.

Work schedule: During a 10 day period, I applied various strengths of the Sumatra Blend to the canvas. The medium of 71 Rings are coffee based mixed with latex and watercolor.

After this process, I applied 3 wax coatings by hand to protect the canvas/work.

It was delivered on February 28, 2020.

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