Starbucks Commission - Coffee Dragon

Coffee Dragon

6.5ft x 4.8ft

Medium: 100% Starbucks Coffee

I was asked by Cortnee, the lovely manager of the Starbucks at 84th and Pearl in Denver to provide a painting to cover a bare wall after a recent remodel of their store.

I was honored and thrilled. I began work on two pieces using coffee blends as the core medium.

My goal was to use the core of the brand and nothing else on this painting. Brand Art.

pareidolia painting detail
Detail of a face in Coffee Dragon

I chose Komodo Dragon Blend at various levels of darkness applied to a blank canvas.

Over weeks of application using different strengths, I created a coffee image that was richer, deeper and more varied than I ever thought possible. Textures began appearing…it was fascinating to see.

Work schedule. 2 weeks of daily applications needed to create the depth/density desired.

After this process, I applied a sealer/protectant. It was delivered on February 28, 2020.

It will be hung in place by Starbucks at a later date.

Big thank you to Don Buddy, an amazing sculpture artist (among other things) that helped me build the frame and stretch the painted canvas.

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