Sy Nelson

Sy Nelson, now sadly deceased, had always loved the world of art. His wife, Maxine, recalls. “I remember Sy telling me that as a young child growing up in Philadelphia, he recalls his first art classes, and his teacher. It led to a lifetime of appreciation.”

Well, just a few years ago, towards his Golden Years…Sy started painting with a passion. He used vibrant, bold colors, and strokes – often providing a three-dimensional work of art. The profile in his mind’s eye was now placed on canvas for us all to see. His paintings afford us a glimpse of what he was trying to accomplish.

I'm happy to share a few shots I took while viewing the collection of Sy and Maxine. Maxine has some pieces she has done that I hope to show in a follow up post.

Some of the collection is stunning and I hope to show here but today is just a few pieces from Sy.

If you are interested in any of the work I post, DM.

Thank you Sy, we are still showing.

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