Young Slovakian Artist

Recently, a great-grandfather of an 11-year-old girl in Slovakia sent me a painting to review.  At her age, it's always interesting to me to wonder why she chose the subject, perhaps it was a personal choice…but you can see the promise in the final piece.

Whether it was due to the Pandemic and being shut up inside…or a general interest in art, it doesn't matter, she wanted to create.

Creating a piece and sending out to the world can be stressful; I wish I had started showing my work earlier. Getting feedback and reviews along the way helps an artist improve.

This piece is from a selfie photo from her aunt that spurred the art shown here. She is clearly trying to form the shapes of a mother with child. She shows forms of a pregnant woman in a loose, free motion using some digital playing.

I hope she continues to sketch and paint and improve her skills as we all do over the years.  The younger an artist starts to get comfortable sending their work out, regardless of the feedback; they will grow as an artist and as a person.

Being able to take feedback good/bad is a big part of life. Starting young, learning how to take it, use it, and get better, is what makes good artists.

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