CreativeBloch Art Gallery Dumbo, NYC - April 2017

CREATIVEBLOCH is proud to present Stuart Wallace: RAW. RAW is a series in which Stuart explores layered watercolors on RAW recycled canvas. Through experimentation and use of watercolor in an unconventional means, Stuart investigates the medium through a visionary process leaving him with surprises both intended and unintended. The bold compositions use vibrant colors with a careful balance of saturation and dilution, incorporating dreamy, dripped white spaces to provide a visual rest for his audience, sure to delight the viewer.

RAW will be on view from April 6-April 28 at the CREATIVEBLOCH GALLERY at 145 Front Street #17 in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Opening reception will be April 6 from 6-9 PM.

KindLove Dispensary, Denver, Co - July thru Sept 2017

I use a lot of cannabis ash as ink. My dispensary supplies, so I am showing some of my work there this month in medical marijuana section.


 The grays, blacks and blue/blacks are colors that come out of the cannabis I buy there.

I have about 10 Pareidolia there, mostly because the more you look, the more faces and things you see. Perfect for a dispensary.  

The Place - Evergreen Colorado - July 2017

The Paintings of Stuart Wallace are on display through July 22 at the theater gallery inhabiting the same building as Where the Books Go in Evergreen, Colorado:


27888 Meadow Drive.


To purchase these or any of the other paintings currently displayed, contact Padma Thornlyre at 303-674-1857 or to make an appointment.


Padma should also be contacted for any questions or inquiries related to future Visual Arts exhibits or the Literary and Performance Arts events held at the same location.​

The French Press - Greenwood Village - July 2017

The French Press is my local coffee shop and if hungry, one of the best meals you can have before 3pm.

They are also supporters of the arts and have a up to a year wait for artist. Very thankful for them allow us artist to show our work.

Please go have a french press, amazing food and some palatable art as company.

Some of my work is up there, running a little thin. Nina Nadeau is sharing the space, about 10 pieces each.


The French Press - Greenwood Village - September 2017

The French Press is my local coffee shop and if hungry, one of the best meals you can have before 3pm.

Anytime they have space I can fill, I do. This month I will be showing some of the different series including my latest from the No. Series. 

Castle Rock - PHILIP S. MILLER Library - October 5 - Dec 5 2017

I will have plenty on display for the month of October at the Philip . S. Miller Library in Castle Rock, Co.

It's a really nice space and a fair amount of room for 28 original paintings on display.

Location: 100 S Wilcox St, Castle Rock, CO 80104